The Tale of Tambo Teddies

The Tale of Tambo Teddies

Thirty years of Teddy Bears warrants a little bit of reflection.

Recently we found a lovely little article that was published in the ‘Canberra Public Eye‘ on the 22nd of February 1996. Rather a delightful perspective on the business at the time we just had to transcribe it and share!

The Tale of Tambo Teddies………………..

G’day. I’m ‘Barwhinnock Bill’ and I’m ‘Toliness Tim’ and I’m ‘Rumleigh Ringer’.

It all happened when ‘our three Mums’, Mary Sutherland, Helen Sargood and Charm Ryrie decided to do something during the drought to create a tourist attraction and employment in ‘our’ little town of Tambo.

We took a fair bit of organising but finally in February 1993 we were ready for the public.

Our first outing was a Sheep and Wool Feild Day in Charleville and everyone went crazy about us because we were ‘all wool’ and all Australian made. We now have 7,000 brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles!

We were bit on the ‘Bear’ side for a while but ‘our Mums’ soon put a stop to that and we are now dressed as ‘true blue little Aussies’ in moleskin pants and skirts, checked shirts, plaited leather belts, Bear-as-a-Bone coats, leather hat and a swag.

Me- ‘Ringer’ – I even have my own stockwhip and I might even get a pair of spurs one day.

We come in lots of different colours – for example – honey, cream, chocolate and grey just to name a few and also in two sizes and designs. 

You might ask “why the funny name ‘Barwhinnock’?”

Well to make us unique we are named after ‘stations’ in the district.

Our ‘Mums’ have six ladies making us, as well as about 10 other people working part-time making clothes and helping us run ‘our’ Bear Business.

So if you would like one of us ‘boys’ or maybe one of our ‘sisters’ we would be delighted to jump in a box and bring you the joy we have given to many others.

Lots of love and hugs

Bill, Tim and Ringer