Our New Look at Tambo Teddies

Our New Look at Tambo Teddies

Last year we launched our new look logo and website and we just LOVE it.

Rather than launching the new look with a big bang and loud noise, we just started using it. Gradually changing printed material and packaging to include our ‘bubble’ logo and brand colour/text bible.

When we purchased the business we inherited a brown and cream colour palette, an oval logo with three bears holding hands and Tambo Teddies in an old fashioned cursive text.

At the time we didn’t have the funds to undertake a professional brand refresh and did a bit of a homemade remake. We chose a colour palette of maroon red and later on added a bit of a grey. To date we really have no idea where the ‘red’ colour came from as Alison’s favourite colour is green and Kiralee’s is blue – so it must have been Tammy 😊.

We change the font to a larger, straight font and eventually dropped the oval around the bears too. Very much amateur hour, there was no set colour codes or fonts selected, we just judged it by ‘eye’ when we were creating marketing documents.

We secured an Entrepreneurs grant from the Australian Government to support business development and one of the first elements to be considered was a brand refresh.

We were keen to get this happening and to modernise our look. However, it was a very challenging process as we didn’t hit it off with the consultant we were advised to engage (no names will be mentioned!).

But despite personality clashes we do believe we have achieved a beautiful new look for Tambo Teddies. Fresh and modern, warm and friendly. We needed to elevate the positioning of our brand from a cottage industry boutique style to a more professional status without losing our charm and individuality.

Tambo Teddies sells teddy bears, but we are also selling a message of love, relationships, and quality. A Tambo Teddy is more than wool and stuffing, it’s a very special lifelong friend. Our bears are a childhood friend, providing enduring love, and celebrating lifelong friendships formed in childhood.

We consider the redesign of our logo and website brings our brand right up to date while aligning both our heritage and our contemporary outlook and vision for Tambo Teddies. We love it!

Childhood friends for life.