Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

The temperatures are cooling down out in Tambo and it’s time to rug up and put out your winter warmers.

Sheepskin is the best material to keep you warm. Natural sheepskin is highly breathable, as the fleece is made from hollow fibres that allow air to flow in and out. This means that body temperature is regulated when sheepskin comes in contact with human skin, not only keeping you warm in the cold but also cool and calm in the heat.

While at Tambo Teddies we make teddy bears and other sheepskin animals, we also make a couple of products for personal use. Our favourite sheepskin products include our hot water bottle cover, sheepskin rugs and of course our slippers.

At  Teddies we keep a stock of the most beautiful long spotty sheepskin rugs, we aim to have the softness rugs available. Sheepskin rugs are the perfect decorator item for your home or caravan, and they are a winter warmer. Pop a rug on the floor beside your bed, on your leather lounge chairs or even on your camping chair and you’ll have an extra layer of warmth this winter.

Shaped in the likeness of a teddy bear, our hottie cover comes in a soft chocolate or dusky pink skin. There is nothing like a hottie to warm a bed on a cold night and nothing cosier than a sheepskin cover. Sheepskin dissipates the heat making it not quite as intense, so you can hug the hottie close all night. AND – best bit ever – our sheepskin hotties are still warm in the morning.

On those frosty cold mornings, it is hard to leave your warm bed and warm hottie. But you can keep your toes from freezing by slipping straight out of bed and into a pair of our sheepskin slippers. The best slippers for around the house, they have soft soles, and you DON’T wear them outside. They are slippers, the definition of slippers is ‘a comfortable shoe that is worn indoors’. Perfect description of Tambo Teddies sheepskin slippers!

Any trouble thinking of a present for your Mother – no need to think any further!