Teddy Bears for Comfort

Teddy Bears for Comfort

For many older people, particularly those with conditions such as dementia, teddy bears are more than just stuffed toys; they are loyal companions. Teds provide a sense of familiarity and routine, reminiscent of childhood, offering a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

At Tambo Teddies, we have often sold bears that have been gifted to family members suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. These conditions can be challenging, both for those who have it and for their loved ones. As the cognitive abilities of sufferers decline, they often experience confusion, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness. In these moments of vulnerability, the presence of a soft, cuddly friend can provide immeasurable comfort. This is where teddy bears step in to offer solace, reassurance, and a warm embrace.

Dementia can bring about emotional ups and downs. A teddy bear can act as a constant presence, offering emotional stability and soothing anxiety. The softness of a sheepskin teddy bear provides a tactile sense of security. Holding or cuddling a bear can be calming and grounding. Memories can be rekindled by a cuddly Ted, sparking conversations and moments of connection with caregivers and loved ones.

We recently received a lovely email from Bruce, who has frontal lobe dementia, it was just lovely to hear how much he appreciates his Tambo Teddy, Bensen.

Dear Tambo Teddies,

I purchased a teddy bear for myself, I am 61-year-old and I have frontal temple lobe dementia. I get very lonely during the day my wife works and I have support workers come. Since I’ve purchased one of your teddy bears it gives me comfort during the day. I’ve called him Benson and I love him very much. I would recommend your bears as a therapy bears, something to cuddle and to talk too. I would like to thank you for making him for me, I hope you guys are around for a long, long time.

Once again I thank you for making him I get a lot of comfort.



We really appreciated Bruce sending us this ‘thank you’, along with photos of Bruce and Benson as well as Figgy and Benson. Maybe Figgy needs a companion Digger……

Bruce and Benson are testament that teddy bears are more than just cuddly toys; they are companions that offer comfort, familiarity, and emotional support. Benson is a soft and gentle friend who eases anxiety, provides a sense of security, and stimulates cherished memories.

In the often-challenging journey of dementia, this humble teddy bear will be a constant source of warmth and comfort, embracing Bruce with love and understanding.