Looking Back at 2023

Looking Back at 2023

As the year draws to a close, it prompts us to reflect before embarking on the next twelve months. 2023 proved to be a busy time for Tambo Teddies!

Marking our thirtieth anniversary was a whirlwind. Our decision to craft a jointed bear as our limited-edition birthday bear proved problematic. We had short cream skins, and they just didn’t work well, prompting a swift pivot. The team whipped up a jointed bear from a camel-coloured sheepskin, everyone was happy with the result, and Banjo was born.

The clock was ticking! Launching this exquisite limited-edition bear by February meant ramping up Banjo’s production. Yet again, teamwork prevailed, ensuring our success.

However, a small media mishap occurred when our use of ‘camel’ skins raised eyebrows. A speedy adjustment to the release clarified it to ‘camel-coloured sheepskins.’

Throughout the year, we honoured thirty years of teddy bear excellence. Tambo Teddies has evolved from a simple idea into a thriving venture. While not yet global, our bears traverse the world, making us immensely proud.

Thanks to our brilliant team, nothing goes to waste. We introduced a slew of new products – from Little Clancy and Baby Bickies to Dusty, Fluffy Goliath, Merino, and Dorper Lambs, two new story books, and Branded Bears – all warmly received. Investments in clicker press (our favourite toy) knives boosted efficiency in the cutting process, a boon for us.

Our Tambo crew embarked on a weekend adventure to Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers (and a spot of shopping!). Behind the scenes, we delved into B2B portal development, refined Corporate Gifting, and laid the groundwork for a sewing collaboration with Gidgee Smith Bags.

Well, our thirtieth year is done and dusted and we’re looking ahead to 2024, plans are taking shape. A decade since Tammy and Alison acquired the business, we’re poised for another celebration! New products are in the pipeline, and our aim is to share our beloved teddies far and wide.