We’re Celebrating Queensland Small Business Month – May 2024.

We’re Celebrating Queensland Small Business Month.

Every May, Queensland Small Business Month (QSBM) shines a spotlight on the multitude of small businesses that tirelessly operate throughout the state all year long.

QSBM serves as a platform for business owners to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, enhance their skill sets, and forge invaluable networks. It’s also a time for all of us to rally behind our favourite local enterprises, spanning across retail, trades, logistics, health, and beyond, expressing our appreciation for their contributions to our communities.

In Queensland, the small business sector thrives, boasting over 482,000 enterprises, constituting a staggering 97% of all businesses in the state. These small ventures collectively inject approximately $117 billion into Queensland’s economy annually, underlining their significant role in driving growth and prosperity.

As an iconic small business at Tambo Teddies, we understand the importance of celebrating and championing the vibrant ecosystem of local enterprises that enrich communities across the state. We also understand the importance of collaboration and networking to develop a thriving small business ecosystem.

Our most recent collaboration has been with Nettie’s Country Creations. Purchasing a Juki commercial sewing machine and overlocker our talented sewers are now creating Nettie’s beautiful shirts as well as teddy bears. Nettie’s is another Queensland small business who is proudly not only Australian made but is Queensland made.

Nettie harboured a lifelong passion for fabric, tracing back to her childhood days spent in her Aunty Mary’s sewing room, fashioning doll clothes from the remnants of cherished fabrics. Like Tambo Teddies her journey into garment-making began in the early 1990s when she started crafting shirts for herself. It wasn’t long before her unique creations caught the eye of others, prompting inquiries about their origin.

In 1995, Nettie officially established Nettie’s Country Creations, initially showcasing her designs at local markets, fairs, and field days, eventually expanding to prestigious events like the Brisbane Exhibition. Specializing in ladies’ shirts and polo tops, Nettie places meticulous attention on intricate contrast trims, ensuring each piece boasts a distinctive and high-quality finish.

Nettie’s commitment to quality extends to her choice of materials, favouring beautiful natural fibres such as cottons and linens, occasionally incorporating blended fabrics for added comfort and durability.

The synergy between Netties and Teddies is evident in our efforts to showcase the best of Australian-made products. Together, we can strengthen each other.

Building a collaboration with Nettie’s brings a trifecta of small business into our Toowoomba Hub where we are already sewing Gidgee Smith’s quality PVC gear bags.

As Queensland Small Business Month unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the vital role that small businesses play in driving innovation, fostering community spirit, and preserving local traditions. What sets our collaborations apart is not just the exchange of goods, but the fostering of genuine relationships built on trust, respect, and a shared vision for the future. In an era dominated by mass production and corporate giants, as small businesses, Tambo Teddies, Nettie’s Country Creations and Gidgee Smiths Bags are proving that success can be achieved through collaboration rather than competition.

And what better time to celebrate this story of collaboration than Queensland Small Business Month!