Staying Home? – 10 Things to do with your Tambo Teddy.

It is looking more and more likely we will all be staying home in the near future. So, we thought it was a good time to consider what you can be doing at home with your Tambo Teddy.  At Teddies we have come up with a list of activities for you and the kids to enjoy.

  1. Have a Teddy Bears Picnic – this is a bit of an obvious activity, but gather Ted and all his friends together on the lawn for lunch or smoko. It won’t be a large affair like the Tambo Teddy Bears Picnic but it can still be loads of fun. Enjoy some games and a few races like the egg & spoon or sack race. Just make sure you adhere to proper social distancing guidelines.
  2. Teddy Bear Dress-ups – there is nothing more fun than a dress-up day when you’re staying home. Let the kids have free range for the day and roll out a few dress-up competitions. Find clothes that Ted might fit into and dress yourself up to match. Get inventive and make a few Teddy Bear costumes, they don’t have to be the best sewn outfits,
  3.  Go on a Bear Hunt – take the kids and their Tambo Teddies for a walk around your neighbourhood to see how many Teds in windows you can spy. Not only is this fun but it gets you all outdoors and exercising when you are staying home.
  4.  Make a Teddy Bear Cave – let the kids build a ‘bear cave’, a cubby house for their bears and friends. If you have any old cartons around the place, these make the best cubby houses. You could even let them loose with the paints.
  5.  Teddy Bear Stories – staying home will involve a bit of quiet time, just perfect for reading their favourite teddy bear story book. If you don’t have any good teddy bear tales you can always order a set of Tambo Teddy Adventures from our online store.
  6.  Hide and Seek – always a popular game, it is event more fun when you play it with your teddy bears. One person (usually Mum) hides all the Teddies around the house and the garden and the kids have to find them. This game is even more fun if Dad joins in.
  7.  Teddy Bear Craft – get creative and make your own teddy bears. Take a piece of cardboard, draw and cut out teddy bear shapes. Then decorate, colour, draw and add some sparkles, cotton wool or bright fabric. Why not find a spot on the wall to stick them all up for a while, or better still pop them up in your windows for all to see.
  8.  Teddy Bear Hugs – another ‘quiet’ time activity. Everyone loves a hug, man, woman, child, senior citizen, human, animal, all of us love a hug. Teddy Bears are soft, cuddly and designed to be light enough to be carried, yet big enough to give a good hug.
  9.  Play being a Teddy Bear – let the kids imagination run wild. Walk like a teddy bear; Papa bear takes big steps, Mama bear takes medium steps and baby bear takes dainty steps. Then try growling like a teddy bear. How does a teddy bear sound?
  10.  Mum time with Teddy Bears – After all this teddy bear activity it might be time for Mum to sit down and have a good read. Spend a while scrolling through our website and keep up to date with all the Tambo Teddy news in our blogs.

Life is so busy and fast these days, take this time to enjoy the little things which are really the big things, like being together as a family.