Easter Fun with your Tambo Teddy

We put together an Easter giveaway pack of a small basil, picnic rug, totally tambo mug, a cap, and a packet of tea. Simply perfect combination for an Easter picnic.

Entrants were asked to tell us what they would be doing over Easter along with their Tambo Ted. We received many entries and would love to share a few that really stood out from the crowd.

Anita Smith told us about her granddaughter Kendall who just loves her Tambo Teddy bestie. Kendall has recently discovered chocolate, she loves starting her day with cuddles and kisses for Teddy and then starts begging for chocolate, implying Teddy wants it too!

Kendall and Teddy Bear Kendall and her Tambo Teddy bear

Michelle Rosevear spent a lovely day picking Granny Smith apples at Bilpin complete with a teddy bears picnic in the apple orchard. Earlier in the day they had stopped at a family farm in Kurmond growing beautiful sunflowers and her daughter made a beautiful arrangement to give to her grandmother with Easter eggs. They captured some beautiful photos of the day’s adventures.

Michelle Cook was excited to be out of lockdown for Easter and were able to spend time with Ted on the boat!! Apparently, Ted loves boating – so do we, so a wee bit jealous!

Captain Teddy Bear

Lyn Cashin was excited to be heading off on her latest caravanning adventure to the beautiful beach at Hastings Point. Lyn’s Tambo Teddy, Casey, had been waiting patiently in the caravan for her latest escapade.

Several people didn’t have huge plans for Easter, but some like Diane Mitchell’s plan sounded really peaceful. Diane told us ‘My Easter plans are to stay at home and have my Tambo Teddy (Scottie) by my side on the lounge watching our favourite movies with  chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns with plenty of butter.‘ Sounds pretty good!

The winning entry that caught our eye came form Ben Parker, Ben said ‘ My two year old son doesn’t have a Tambo Teddy of his own ………but would love one.’ So Ben wrote this little poem as part of his entry.

To my future Tambo Teddy Bear.
Adventuring we will go.
Making memories everywhere.
Beginning in my caravan,
One sunny autumn day.
Tambo on our trip list,
Easter in the outback awaits.
Daily I have been dreaming,
Dreaming of meeting you.
I promise to love you,
Each and every day,
Sweet Tambo Teddy Bear.

It was a winner for us! Congratulations Ben a Tambo Teddy is on his way!

Tambo Teddy Winner