Our Little Outback Ringer

Have you watched the Outback Ringers? We love watching the show and being in the midst of all the action, but with all the comfort of the couch! Not worrying about those bulls charging or having to avoid the sticks flying in the face of the bull-catcher. The only thing we worry about is having enough chocolate during the show.

The Outback is a beautiful place, but as you can see in the show, you do need to be well prepared and must be geared-up for the job.

That’s why we, at Tambo Teddies, provide our Mr Stockman and our Little Ringer with all the gear they need. A good hat is essential for keeping the sun of your neck and not getting burned. You think you might get away with only a cap, but let us tell you, the days on the land are long and you will see the sun from every position. Oh, and speaking of long days, you better have your swag with you! You never know where you will end up and for how long you will have to stay there. So, our Mr Stockman and Little Ringer are equipped with their own swag made from a beautiful canvas and leather handles.

But there’s not much time for napping! Cattle need to be mustered into the yards and drafted. To be safe in the yards, it’s always handy to have a stockwhip. There is a special way to crack the whip, and if you get it, geez that whip can move some cattle just by sound.

Cool fact… You can crack our Teddies whips! It is a bit of a challenge, but if you get it, you have a great new party trick!

Mr Stockman can be dressed for every job and occasion. They come with shorts, belts, a nice work shirt, oil skin raincoat and of course with a nice ribbon. No shame in looking fancy on the job. With Mr Stockman or our Little Ringer, you will have a true Outback Ringer in your home!

Do you already have one of our Teddies and he or she is ready to become a ringer, you can have a look at our website and get the hat, whip, swag, shorts, belts, shirts, and Bear-as-a-Bone coat and create your own custom Ringer.