Thirty more reasons to love Tambo Teddies………….

Thirty more reasons to love Tambo Teddies………….

In recognition of Tambo Teddies celebrating our thirty-year milestone, Outback Queensland Tourism Association (OQTA) published a blog – Thirty Reasons to Love Tambo Teddies.

But we didn’t want to stop there and set about discovering another thirty reasons and asked our customers for input.

  1. My nickname is Tambo and my Tambo Teddy sits on & guards our bed each day. He gives good cuddles and reassurances when needed. No matter that I’m in the “older” generation now (recent Feb 5th b/day celebrated 74years!) I still enjoy his company.
  2. I purchased a Bickie Bear last year for my first GREAT granddaughter – Baby Quinn loves snuggling him, it is the perfect size. Quinn’s surname is Tamblyn, her Pa gets called Tambo and her Dad gets called Tambie – how could I not buy Tambo’s Bickie Bear ❤️.
  3. Tambo Teddies come to life through imaginative play. (My granddaughters love role playing and imaginative play with the Tambo Teddy we purchased on our tour of the Outback in 2019). 
  4. Tambo Teddies are the best! I have purchased 10 bears so far….over many years….so I know I will be back again. Susan.
  5. I am a Tambo Teddy addict! Thanks for coming to Toowoomba, my bank account is hating me!

Lovely sentiments, everyone has their own personal reason for loving Tambo Teds.

A few of our reasons for loving our business are:

  1. Our bears are made from WOOL, and we just love wool and sheep skin. We think it is the best material for making teddy bears.
  2. On the practical side: Wool is a natural product that is hyper allergenic, flame retardant and antibacterial, mould and mildew resistant. So, sheepskin teddies are easy to look after and clean.
  3. Sheepskin has soothing properties as do sheepskin Teddy Bears– a distinguishing feature of sheepskin is its crimped fibres, which act like a natural body cushion which make it ideal for newborn babies and toddlers.
  4. Sheepskin teddies can keep baby warm in winter and cool in summer. That is especially important for newborns because they can’t regulate their body temperature as effectively as kids and adults do. Keeping them warm, but not too warm, wool helps them stay comfortable for longer periods of time.
  5. Dreams come true, after being rejected a couple of times – we received Woolmark certification for our beautiful sheepskin teddy bears in 2018. The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, providing assurance of the highest quality, and representing pioneering excellence and innovation from farm through to finished product.

We are always coming up with new ways to use sheepskin and make new teddy bears, some of our newer creations include:

  1. Fluffy Goliath, a monster of a bear, he takes two sheepskins to make!
  2. Teddy puppets, both Bickie and Koala Bickie Puppets in the brightest colours we can find.
  3. Sheepskin teddy bear hot water bottle covers.
  4. Dorper Lambos, just like the ‘real ones’ with chocolate heads and cream bodies.
  5. Dog Chew toys – currently in development!

At Tambo Teddies we just love visitors and we love to find new homes for our bears, we really aim to provide the best experience possible!

  1. If we’re not open in Tambo on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon, we will pop down and open just for you! – our numbers are on the door.
  2. Our Staff just love their jobs and go above and beyond every day.
  3. We love to share your Tambo teddy bear stories, take your photos, and tell your tales.
  4. We even cater for bus tours, Tammy and Alison prepare a picnic morning tea or lunch and give a talk and a tour of the workshop for bus groups.
  5. We regularly check the records for owners who have lost their bears names and send them a new name tag for free.

Sharing the love:

  1. To make our bears available we have a range of stockists across Australia, small gift shops and florist who take pride in having Tambo Teddies on their shelves.
  2. We even have a couple of overseas stockists, Blackwell and Sons in Greytown, New Zealand and Shoppe Six in the USA.
  3. We regularly support the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and in fact we donated bear 50,000 to the RFDS.
  4. We get loads of requests for sponsorship and donations and we support as many as we can. Locally our favourites are the Tambo Stock Show, Tambo Tourism & Business Association (and the Teddy Bears Picnic) and the Tambo Rodeo.
  5. Every year we do and support a charity or organisation’s fundraising efforts because it ‘pulls at out heart strings’, one such cause was the bear we sent to England to raise funds for the ‘Little Legs Foundation’.

Our final five reasons are just all about the teddy bears:

  1. Teddy Bears are a gift of endless hugs and cuddles.
  2. It’s human nature for kids to yearn for feelings of peacefulness and safety. Often, they’re able to find those feelings in the arms of a teddy bear. Children who spend a lot of time holding a cuddly teddy bear tend to feel calmer and more secure than those who don’t.
  3. Teddy Bears are soft, cuddly, and designed to be carried, yet big enough to give a good hug. A stuffed teddy bear, a Tambo Teddy Bear with their soft wool, sweet face, and cuddly demeanour make them the perfect transitional object for your baby.
  4. Teddy Bears listen quietly to us, they receive us in their arms and look at us with kindness.

And last but by no means least:

  1. Tambo Teddies – Childhood Friends for Life! (says it all).