About Alison Shaw

After four years running this business I still love wool! Teddies is always taking us on another adventure as we strive to improve and grow this little business. I love meeting the challenges that pop up and enjoy marketing our Tambo Teddies to the world.

A teddy is a Teddy – right?

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At Tambo Teddies, when we are creating and designing new woolly animals or other Tambo Teddy products, we generally have a purpose in mind for them, but sometimes the buyer has another idea. Our Bickie Bears, for example, are well known as little snuggly companions. Our Basil and Toby Bears are your childhood friend [...]

Room for Play at Tambo Teddies

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Our Tambo Teddy shop is THE shop for children to come and visit! Not only are they allowed to cuddle all our cute bears on the shelves, we also have enough fun stuff for them to play with! Mum and Dad can take their time to find a special Tambo Teddy, whilst the children [...]

What’s in the Wool?

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Tambo Teddies started 29 years ago when the wool prices collapsed, and the wool industry needed some new innovative ideas to keep going. But did you know that Australia is the leading country in the wool industry! This shows, once again, why we are so happy and proud that we support one of Australia’s [...]

Loving Your Small Business

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As you might have seen on our socials or online; May is the Queensland Small Business Month for 2022. Tambo Teddies is proud to be a small business in a small town, but with a big impact! How do we know? Because we are close to our customers and engage with them daily. Sometimes [...]

Tambo Teddies For a Winter Day

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Rain in Tambo always brings smiles to our faces, the temperatures drop and everything becomes a glorious shade of green and winter is just around the corner. Cars driving down the main street are covered in mud, the only clean part is where the windshield wipers got rid of the dirt. Working in our [...]